Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bonus time at the shin-dig...

This may not look like much in the picture, but it was cute in person.
(You know, there are those times when I really should be grateful we don't have dining room furniture yet...)
So too bad so sad for you if you weren't here. :) (Sorry, I've obviously been around little people a lot lately.)
I've decided that balloons truly are a decorator's best friend! And the bonus to the balloons is that everybody got to take one home. Okay, not original, but it give me some credit here.

This was the non-gift room...the fun room...the place to be...okay, it totally wasn't all that, but we did have a couple of little 'sit down and do this so you can take a break from running and screaming' things to do. Seeing as how we merged Cookie Monster and Cutesie Cake for the party, I needed something. I was stubbornly determined NOT to play games or do a pinata. Don't get me wrong, I love party games...just not for THIS particular party...
I also was trying so hard to stay in my party budget so my honey would be proud of me.

I cut out "cakes" for the kids to "decorate".
And just in case you didn't know...
foam stickers rock!

I also had various cookie monster coloring pages out for the kids.
Obviously, you're never too old to color.
(You just gotta love that!)

And of course, little man got in on the action.
(Okay, only for a second and then he wanted to taste the crayon,
but doesn't he "look" like he's about to do some serious coloring?)

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