Thursday, October 11, 2007

Welcome to the party...

I would like to take a very necessary moment to thank those of you who saved me from insanity.
You will never know how much I appreciate all the gestures, errands, and phone calls.

I love you.

Just hanging around...

Little man waiting on the fun to begin...
Can I tell you how hard it was keeping him from pulling everything off the walls?
And from popping the balloons?
And from having a temper tantrum because he refused to nap AT ALL?
And from eating all the Pringles before anyone even showed up?

(big sigh) It was worth it.

Yumminess never looked so cute...

What do you do when you have a birthday party for two of whom is all boy and the other a girlie-girl?
You become a genius at party planning!

Cookie Monster for little man...

Cutesie Cake for little miss...
How positively cute are these?!
Of course, both cakes wouldn't feed everyone, so my sister-in-law and I decided the cakes were for the adults. She made these 'to-die-for' cakes, and I made cupcakes for the little people. And it would just not do to have generic cupcakes, so I used the same icing from the cakes (my extremely talented cake decorating sister-in-law saved me some) and made the cupcakes to complement the cakes. I ask you: how brilliant is that?! For some reason, I didn't take a picture of the girlie cupcakes, but they were pink and green with flower sprinkles...too cute.
I wish I had a good picture of the plates, napkins, other deco, etc. Everything just came together so much better than I planned. I found these napkins, tablecloths, and such with cupcakes and swirlies on them...with our colors! I couldn't believe it when I walked into Party City and there they were. It was a fantastic find!

Don't judge me for my lack of's just the fun of the moment taking over.
Oh...what the heck do I care? I am brilliant!

Kidding...kidding... :)


No, Cookie Monster is not a smoker.
I just couldn't find a good place for the candles.
In the pupils just looked violent...
he doesn't have a nose to use, even though that would have been disgusting too...
they looked like facial whiskers everywhere else. What was I supposed to do?

Little man wasn't so hip with the singing portion of the party.
I tend to agree that when you get 40+ people in one kitchen, it does get a little loud.

He did finally get into the spirit of things.
(And yes, that is big sister, B, helping blow out the candles.
And yes, she is wearing a witch's hat. Don't ask.)

Present time! Present time!

Ohhhh...presents! Bring 'em on!

Little man was loving being allowed to rip things open!
I hope this didn't set a precedent I'll be regretting in a couple of days...

He finally warmed up to the concept of noise, presents, AND mommy with the camera.
What a good boy...

And of course, even with all the boy toys
strewn around the room...
my macho man heads right towards
his cousin's new pink & purple trike.


Bonus time at the shin-dig...

This may not look like much in the picture, but it was cute in person.
(You know, there are those times when I really should be grateful we don't have dining room furniture yet...)
So too bad so sad for you if you weren't here. :) (Sorry, I've obviously been around little people a lot lately.)
I've decided that balloons truly are a decorator's best friend! And the bonus to the balloons is that everybody got to take one home. Okay, not original, but it give me some credit here.

This was the non-gift room...the fun room...the place to be...okay, it totally wasn't all that, but we did have a couple of little 'sit down and do this so you can take a break from running and screaming' things to do. Seeing as how we merged Cookie Monster and Cutesie Cake for the party, I needed something. I was stubbornly determined NOT to play games or do a pinata. Don't get me wrong, I love party games...just not for THIS particular party...
I also was trying so hard to stay in my party budget so my honey would be proud of me.

I cut out "cakes" for the kids to "decorate".
And just in case you didn't know...
foam stickers rock!

I also had various cookie monster coloring pages out for the kids.
Obviously, you're never too old to color.
(You just gotta love that!)

And of course, little man got in on the action.
(Okay, only for a second and then he wanted to taste the crayon,
but doesn't he "look" like he's about to do some serious coloring?)

Miscellaneous moments...

I just thought it was sweet that right in the middle of the festivities,
K takes a break to read one of little man's new books.
Of course it would have been much sweeter had she read the book to one of the itty-bitties,
but still sweet nonetheless.

I love this picture of Steve working ever so diligently on little man's tool set.
Can't start too soon on those home improvement skills...

This was, hands down, the funniest moment of the night...
little miss got a new party dress from one of her aunts and she LOVED this dress!
She was clapping and hopping up and down.
She ran right over to her daddy to help put in on...

Apparently he didn't move fast enough,
so she decided to strip down and take care of things herself!

What a big girl!

Birthday Buddies

Little man and little miss, his cousin "R".
She turns 2 four days after little man, hence the joint party.

Do I really need to even say...?
They had a super duper-birthday-only turn 2 once-kinda time!

Happy Birthday you two!

Same time next year...?

B'day Fun

Little man got this basketball goal from his Poppa and Goppie for his b'day.
He loves it!
And I'm thrilled that he now has an appropriate target for all the things he likes to throw.

Little man: "Yes, I can see right through's the weirdest thing..."

"Hang on a sec, I gotta try this out..."

2 points!

My two older 'toddlers'...

Don't you just love toddler toys?
My girls do too.

Little man got a little microwave (he is obsessed with our real one)
from one of his aunts, and a whole cart-load of food to "cook".
As you can see, the girls took over for a while.

It gets better. Read on to the next post...

Would you like fries with that?

Yep, the girls opened a 'drive-thru' in our study.
I have to say...the food's not half bad.

(Please take time to enjoy their personal menus.
Click on each one to enlarge so you can more fully appreciate the diverse selection offered to their clientele.)

And if you're ever in the neighborhood, stop on by.
I'm sure they'll be 'opened' for business.